UI style guide

User interface style guide

Here you will find branding guidelines for the visual style of products. We continue to work on a  complete design system, including UI and UX guidelines, component libraries, and technical specs. For now, use exac.com as a design reference.

Context notes

It’s impossible to predict every design challenge that may arise over a product’s lifespan. When designing our products, keep in mind that our goal is to help surgeons help their patients regain their independence and restore their quality of life. What’s most important to our surgeons is for each surgery to go as planned. Exactech is all about providing an excellent experience for our customers. That’s why we prioritize usability, content and context over saturated or distracting branding.

Core design guidelines

  • Branding should not be a distraction. We express our brand identity through intelligent font, color, and image choices. We aim to provide enough branding elements to give users context, yet not distract from overall app useability.
  • Content always over branding. For example, there is no need to take up space at the top of the screen to display our brand. Instead, use our custom color schemes, fonts, backgrounds, and imagery to implement our branding.
  • Use the Exactech logo only when necessary for providing context. There is no reason to display our logo throughout an app unless there is a need to provide context. For example, when you open Amazon’s app, the top of the screen contains a search bar with the instruction to “Search amazon.” There is no Amazon logo anywhere on the home screen.

Exactech logo

Refer to the logo guidelines here. The same standards apply.


Type sizing will be different depending on the needs of the vehicle and the size of the device screen. Designs should be responsive.

Corporate font: Roboto