Alteon® Acetabular Cup and XLE Liner

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Alteon® Cup and XLE Liner

Beyond Beautiful.

Seamlessly integrated with the Alteon® Platform system, the Alteon Cup is beauty refined. This acetabular system provides multiple cup implant configurations and bearing options which can be used for various surgical applications. The unique TACTM porous technology provides excellent initial and biological fixation. When combined with Exactech’s XLE vitamin E polyethylene liners this acetabular system is certain to complement your surgical ensemble.

Exactech Alteon Acetabular Cup and XLE Liner
Exactech Alteon Acetabular Cup Asymmetric Porous Coating, TAC Technology unique 3D structural lattice

Asymmetric Porous Coating

The TAC porous technology strikes the optimal balance between material strength, pore size and porosity. The TAC proprietary process creates a unique 3D structural lattice of irregular shaped particles with increased average pore size and greater porosity than traditional spherical beads.1

Vitamin E Enhanced Liners

Alteon® XLE highly crosslinked vitamin E enhanced acetabular liners are designed to provide low wear while maintaining mechanical strength, reducing the free radicals, and oxidative degradation.2,3 Liners are available in Neutral, Extended Coverage, +5 Lateralized, and Face Changing configurations.

Exactech Hip Alteon XLE Liner
Exactech Alteon Acetabular Hip System Cup with optimized head cup aspect ratio, three part locking mechanism and streamlined instrumentation

Three-Part Locking Mechanism

The Alteon Cup features a three-part locking mechanism with more than 15 years of clinical use.It consists of an apical tab intended to prevent liner translation and pull-out, recessed scallops intended to provide rotational control, and a fully congruent liner/shell designed to virtually eliminate micromotion and minimize the potential for backside wear.6,7

Optimized Head/Cup Aspect Ratio

This allows one to achieve the maximum head/cup combination while still maintaining polyethene thickness.4

Streamlined Instrumentation

Instruments designed to complement the overall surgical workflow.

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