Active Intelligence® Smart Technology


Experience the world’s only navigation for knee, shoulder and ankle replacement surgery — all with no capital cost.

Surgeon-Controlled. Improved Outcomes. No Capital Cost.

Powered by Exactech AI, our pioneering GPS technology puts you in the driver’s seat with real-time precise, and accurate surgical insights for total joint replacement surgery.

Exactech Knee

GPS Knee

Dynamic soft tissue analytics, pre-resection operative insights and full-range personalized planning for TKA.

Exactech GPS Shoulder Active Intelligence AI Technologies Ecosystem

GPS Shoulder

Preoperative planning with real-time intraoperative instrument guidance and verified implant placement for TSA.

Exactech GPS Ankle with Active Intelligence

GPS Ankle

Coming Soon!
Check out the Press Release
for more details.

Exactech GPS AI Smart Technologies

Speed to Navigation.

  • Easier and faster access with no capital cost.
  • Quick learning curve.1-2

You’re in Control.

  • Unlike robotics, compact and mobile in the sterile field.
  • Wide field of view at 135 degrees.
  • Proven sub-millimetric accuracy and precision.3-5

Enhanced Performance.

  • Improved functional outcomes.6-7
  • Improved patient satisfaction.8
  • Highly marketable to patients.

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