Vantage® Ankle PSI

3D-printed instruments for patient-specific tibia and talar cutting guides.

Vantage® Ankle PSI

Patient-Specific Instrumentation powered by 3D Systems VSP® Solutions

Cut Directly Through

Pre-plan tibia and talar resections to align and cut in one step.

Accelerated Surgery

Delivered within three weeks*

Preserve the Periosteum

Unique soft tissue offsets are designed to preserve the periosteum while maintaining a reproducible fit.

Designed for a Reproducible Fit.

By using a large footprint, the instruments are designed to have a more stable fit.


The cutting guides are designed to avoid osteophytes or the diseased joint in order to reduce variability caused by disease progression. The reduction in variability creates a reproducible fit.


The Vantage Ankle PSI is available for surgeons who have received training on the product. Contact us for training opportunities in your area.


Upload your scans for processing.

Vantage Ankle PSI Resources

The Vantage Ankle PSI is manufactured by 3D Systems, Inc., and distributed only in the U.S. by Exactech. To contact 3D Systems VSP® Orthopaedics, please call 1-844-643-1001 to speak to a representative.

*Orders will be fulfilled within three weeks as long as there are no extraordinary circumstances.​

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