Truliant® Revision Knee System

The Rest Is In Your Hands.

Truliant® Revision Knee System

The Rest Is In Your Hands.
Exactech Truliant Revision Knee System

Truliant® Revision Knee System

projected increase in RTKAs by 2020

Revision total knee arthroplasty cases are expected to triple by 2020, due to the growing size of the aging population and increasing number of primary total knee arthroplasty cases.1 The Truliant® Revision Knee System helps you address the reconstructive challenge with a suite of high performance portfolio of implants, instruments and computer-assisted surgery designed for reproducible results in a streamlined revision procedure

Anatomically Aligned.

Accommodating a wide array of patient anatomies, Truliant Knee offers a comprehensive suite of implant options to meet your most challenging cases, including metaphyseal cones and offset couplers.

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Some Ideas Just Click.

Intuitive instrumentation provides visual, audible and tactile feedback for enhanced user experience and improved surgical efficiencies.
  • Allows for simple flexion/extension gap management, proper alignment relative to mechanical/anatomical axis and restoration of the natural joint line
  • Reduces the number of surgical steps to simplify operating room workflow

An Extension of Yourself.

ExactechGPS® RTKA Application supports your complex primaries and revision TKA cases with personalized workflows and step-by-step visual guidance.
  • Simple transition from mechanical instrumentation to computer-assisted surgery
  • Real-time feedback of anatomical and mechanical alignment and resection validation with augmentable capabilities