Executing our brand

Our brand personality

We execute Exactech’s brand through use of a well-defined corporate voice and visual identity.

Our brand is described as sophisticated modern, timeless, elegant and strong. We need to balance those personality traits with the warm approachable nature of our surgeon-focused culture. This balance is achieved through the use of our core brand elements: voice, logo, color palette, typography, imagery and graphics. We’ve created a set of design guidelines to ensure consistency over almost every instance of customer contact.

The graphic below is a summary of Exactech’s brand personality.

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Core design guidelines

The following core design guidelines are how we visually present our brand personality:

  • Using modern lines, layers and transparency in our page layouts and electronic media applications.
  • Treating our products as works of art through use of textures and lighting in our product photography.
  • Balancing the curves in our product design and photography with the straight lines of modern layout designs.
  • Using a combination of upper and lowercase typography for most all communications.
  • Avoiding trendy design trends, rather opting for classic lines and proven design theory.