Business Continuity Plan

Exactech developed a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (“BCP”) to maintain continuity of service for all company stakeholders. It is essential that Exactech is prepared to operate through minor and significant business disruptions (“SBD”) and to maintain the highest level of quality and continued flow of product and support to our customers. Exactech may further utilize this plan to do the following:

  1. Display a proactive approach to hazard mitigation and response.
  2. Enhance confidence of suppliers and customers regarding the stability of the company—especially during an emergency situation.

In the event of a business disruption, Exactech has 4 critical BCP Pillars of Protection:

  1. Protect high-quality customer service & inventory.
  2. Protect the ability to supply high-quality products.
  3. Protect the ability to continue all financial requirements.
  4. Protect the safety and the functionality of Exactech’s working environments for its personnel, inventory, customers, and equipment.

What if there’s a Business Disruption?

In the event of a Business Disruption, Exactech’s Business Continuity Advisory Board in conjunction with Exactech’s Incident Response Team will activate the appropriate plan to safeguard the identified pillars.

Emergency LevelImpactResponse Team
(first aid / technical safety)
Incident Command
(full response)
Authorities Having
Jurisdiction Activation
1Minor injury or damageActivatedNotified by Response TeamNotified as required by regulation
2Major injury or deathActivated ActivatedMust be notified to respond and manage response as required by regulation
Major damage
Criminal acts
Multiple emergencies
3Catastrophic injury or damageActivatedActivatedMust be notified to respond and manage response as required by regulation

Exactech’s Business Continuity Advisory Board has proactively invested in communication tools that facilitate communication during Business Disruptions. We routinely ask customers and employees to provide up-to-date contact information so that we will be able to reach out if the need arises.

How does Exactech prepare for emergencies?

Annually Exactech performs a hazard identification and risk assessment process that identifies the likelihood and the severity of critical hazards. Exactech’s Business Advisory Board and Incident Response teams then identify proactive measures to mitigate identified risks. Exactech also partners with specialized insurance brokers that work to identify and minimize the potential for loss through a customized insurance portfolio. If something bad happens, Exactech has extensive coverage for a variety of anticipated and unanticipated losses that aim to protect the financial health of Exactech’s business.

What if I need to contact Exactech?

Employees are provided with an internal phone number with a pre-recorded voicemail that is updated during emergencies. Employees may utilize the phone number to determine up-to-date status for whether Exactech is open or closed for business during business disruptions (i.e. hurricanes).

Allison Downey is Exactech’s Incident Outreach Leader and responsible for communications with the media and other non-employees. Please contact her through our main headquarters line at (352) 377-1140 or 1-800-392-2832 or allison.downey@exac.com.

Kevin Smith is Exactech’s Business Continuity Program Manager and is responsible for the documentation of Exactech’s business continuity responses.  If you have questions about Exactech’s BCP, please contact him at (352) 672-8442 or kevin.e.smith@exac.com.