Vantage ® Total Ankle System

A solutions-oriented system designed with you in mind.

Vantage ® Total Ankle System

A solutions-oriented system designed with you in mind.

Vantage® Total Ankle System

The Vantage Total Ankle System is an ecosystem of solutions designed to address clinical challenges and patient outcomes through thoughtful implant designs, innovative technology, and patient-specific instrumentation.

Tibial Solutions

The Vantage Ankle has six different tibial resection heights ranging from our standard 9mm to 30mm. Each implant features our central press-fit bone cage designed for biological fixation and a unique locking clip.

Next-Generation Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene with Vitamin E Antioxidant Stabilization

The first of its kind, Activit-E™ polyethylene brings an optimized balance of material strength and toughness through its ability to maintain active oxidative resistance and long-term, high performance. Its unique manufacturing process replaces gamma irradiation crosslinking with peroxide crosslinking and adds vitamin E to provide strength, flexibility, toughness, and oxidative stability.

Advanced Technologies

Providing the world’s first ankle navigation system and even more PSI cutting guide options, we’re proud to be at the forefront of transforming ankle surgery.

Vantage Ankle PSI

Patient-Specific Instrumentation powered by
3D Systems VSP® Solutions.

GPS® Ankle

Exactech Announces Clearance of the World’s First Surgical Navigation for Total Ankle Replacement

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