AAOS Annual Meeting | February 12-16, 2024


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AAOS Annual Meeting | February 12-16, 2024


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Exactech is focused on you – with transformative innovations that empower you to take your practice to the next level, smart solutions that leverage clinical data throughout the continuum of care, and a partnership built on helping you be successful in and out of the O.R.

Technology Suite

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Newton Knee

Experience dynamic soft tissue analytics, pre-resection operative insights and full-range personalized planning with the Newton balanced knee system.

Exactech Knee


Join Exactech’s world of clinical exchange. Upload cases, solicit feedback, launch polls, and engage in interesting case discussions with other shoulder, ankle, hip and knee surgeons worldwide.


Virtually coach your hip, knee and shoulder patients from surgical preparation through rehabilitation with the exacCoach patient text messaging service.

Vantage Ankle PSI

Pre-plan your tibia and talar resection with the Vantage Ankle PSI.


Provides dynamic intraoperative feedback in a compact and mobile system within the sterile field – all with no capital purchase process.


Equinoxe Planning App

The advanced Equinoxe Planning App allows surgeons to plan shoulder component placement and select implants and sizes for the scapula and humerus. It can be used with GPS in the operating room.  

Exactech Equinoxe Shoulder Planning App

Innovative Solutions

Exactech Knee


Exactech Shoulder


Exactech Hip


Exactech Foot & Ankle

Foot & Ankle

Exactech Infection-related Solutions

Infection Solutions