A New Perspective in Foot & Ankle

Introducing Vantage® Ankle PSI.

Foot and Ankle

The Vantage Ankle family offers two solutions to address a broader range of patients. Pictured left is the Vantage Total Ankle System with the curved talus option, and right is the new Vantage® Ankle Fixed Bearing Flat Cut Talus.

Vantage® Total Ankle System

A New Perspective in Total Ankle

EPIC Extremity Foot and Ankle Reconstruction System

Tailored Configurations for Foot and Ankle Surgery
Exactech Biologics for Foot and Ankle

Biologics Solutions

Shaping the Future of Bone Repair
Exactech InterSep Calcium Sulfate Bone Void Filler Beads

InterSep®Calcium Sulfate

100% Synthetic Calcium Sulfate Bone Void Filler