Global Code of Business Conduct

Since its inception, Exactech and its employees have been committed to high standards of ethical behavior in all our business dealings.

Our actions and decisions are guided by Exactech’s five Core Values: Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork, Accountability and Passion. We place Integrity first, as it an overarching value that informs all of our other Values.

This Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics expands on our Core Values, providing guidance as we conduct business on behalf of Exactech. In addition to the Global Code, our Compliance and Ethics Plan provides detailed policies and procedures to implement this Code of Conduct and govern our business processes. Annually, all employees certify their commitment to adhering to the standards and responsibilities outlined in the Global Code. This Global Code is available in different languages, including English.

Raising concerns about potential violations is a cornerstone concept of Exactech’s Global Code of Business Conduct. Exactech maintains a toll-free Hotline to facilitate these conversations.

The Company is also committed to compliance with a variety of industry codes around the world designed to ensure that relationships with healthcare professionals and other customers are conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards and transparency.

We earn our reputation by the decisions we make and the way we conduct our business every day.

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