EPIC Extremity Foot and Ankle Reconstruction System

Tailored Configurations for Foot and Ankle Surgery

EPIC Extremity Foot and Ankle Reconstruction System

EPIC Extremity foot and ankle reconstruction system allows surgeons the ability to configure trays for their specific needs through a modular implant and instrument tray design. The connect and disconnect modules easily allow surgeons to mix and match screws and plates based on implant preferences and surgical needs.

Ankle Fracture

Robust plating portfolio available to address common and uncommon ankle fractures.

Lateral Fibula
Medial Hook

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Midfoot or Flatfoot

Straight, offset and multiple joint options, as well as plates for medial column, NC and TN fusions


Hallux Valgus

Lapidus, butterfly and wedge options – butterfly and wedge plates come in 0, 2-5mm.

Wedge Plates
Butterfly Plates
Lapidus Plates

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Great Toe Arthritis

Four plate options – two with compression slots, two without

Screws and Staples

Cannulated Screws

Titanium screws come in multiple diameters and headed and headless options. Each screw boasts aggressive lead ends, reverse cutting flutes, star drivers and self-tapping features. Headless screws feature a variable thread pitch between head and distal threads.

Small Staple
Staple is 10 X 10 and designed for Akin procedures.

2.0 Snap-Off Screws
Designed for Weil osteotomies and fixation of small bone fragments

Vantage® Total Ankle System

Designed by world-renowned surgeon thought leaders and best-in-class engineers, the Vantage® Total Ankle System’s anatomic and biomechanics-focused design addresses current clinical challenges with a new perspective in mind.

Vantage® Ankle PSI

Patient-Specific Instrumentation powered by
3D Systems VSP® Solutions.

Exactech Foot and Ankle Biologics Solutions


From a platelet concentrating system to calcium phosphate bone cement to collagen matrix and much more, learn about all of Exactech’s biologics product offerings.

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