InterSep® Calcium Sulfate

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InterSep® Calcium Sulfate

Exactech’s latest products are designed to deliver ease of use for surgeons. Continuing our goal to provide infection-related solutions, Exactech introduces InterSep Calcium Sulfate – a 100% synthetic calcium sulfate bone void filler engineered to fully resorb and replace bone during the healing process.

Features and Benefits of InterSep Calcium Sulfate

InterSep may be used in an infected bone site and provides surgeon flexibility with its bead and paste options.

Bead Sizes

Provides case-by-case flexibility by offering various calcium sulfate bead sizes (3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm) and a paste option

Synthetic Calcium Sulfate

No impurities, pure synthetic material

Rapid Cure

Fast setting time

Beads for Bone Infection

May be used in an infected site

Bioabsorbable Beads

Bone graft substitute that resorbs and is replaced with bone during the healing process

Biodegradable Beads

Biodegradable and biocompatible

Bead Preparation

Easy to mix and deliver


Visible on X-ray

Exactech InterSep Calcium Kit Molds

InterSep Calcium Sulfate Preparation and Mixing Instructions

InterSep is a calcium sulfate bone void filler for single patient use.

The kit contains calcium sulfate powder and liquid mixing solution in pre-measured quantities, a sterile mixing bowl, a spatula and a bead mat mold. When the measured quantities are mixed together, the result is a paste which may be gently packed, as either paste or molded beads, into bony voids or gaps of the skeletal system. InterSep is biodegradable, radiopaque and may be used in an infected site.
Exactech InterSep Calcium Sulfate. Gently flex the Bead Mold Mat to release the beads in the sterile field.

InterSep Calcium Sulfate Resources

InterSep® Calcium Sulfate is manufactured for Pacific Bioceramics, LLC by Phoenix DeVentures, Inc. and is distributed by Exactech, Inc.