Active Intelligence


Connecting surgeons and patients with smart decisions throughout the journey of care.

Positioning statement

Active Intelligence® is Exactech’s unique approach for applying today’s latest technologies to better connect surgeons and patients with smart decisions throughout the journey of care.

Technology suites

Active Intelligence is a platform of technologies that helps surgeons engage with patients and peers, solve challenges with predictive tools and optimize the way they perform.
Technology Suites

Continuum of care

Personalized to each surgeon, each patient and each procedure, active intelligence helps surgeons make smart decisions through the entire journey of care.

Continuum of Care

Brand Architecture and Corporate Positioning

Active Intelligence supports our corporate strategy: Exactech will focus its investment and compete aggressively in the most attractive segments in orthopaedics: extremities (both traditional and utilizing advanced technologies) and large joints utilizing advanced technologies.

We will incorporate Active Intelligence into our existing product brands to represent the full scope of offerings, both technology and implants, with emphasis on the high growth technology positioning. Specific technologies will be presented as “powering Active Intelligence” within each implant brand as illustrated below. Our implant brands are supplemented by the Active Intelligence technologies, whereas the Active Intelligence technologies themselves are what “power” this corporate initiative to position exactech as a technology company.

Brand Heirarchy

Product positioning statements

Predict+: Predict+ is part of Exactech’s Active Intelligence smart solutions that help you engagewith patients and peers, solve challenges with predictive tools and optimize the way youperform.

Active Intelligence product category

When referring to Active Intelligence as a product category, please use Smart Solutions just like we use “Shoulder” when talking about our Equinoxe brands as a product group. When designing ads or tradeshow graphics for Active Intelligence or other Exactech products, please use this listing and type treatment to show Exactech’s complete product offering. In this listing, also include our web address as shown.

Extremities | Knee | Hip | Smart Solutions | Cement | Spacers | www.exac.com

Logo strategy

Business Unit Logos: BU brand is primary. Active Intelligence is secondary.
Business Unit Logos with Technology (no trademarked name): The names of the products are written in Title Case.
Active Intelligence Technologies with Logos: Use when promoting the specific technology.
Active Intelligence Technology Logos

Logos on applications

Where possible, the Active Intelligence logo will be incorporated into the graphics for loading screens or apps.

Example: ExactechGPS unit has the ExactechGPS logo on the physical unit. Given the adequate screen size, the Active Intelligence logo can be incorporated into the future start up screen designs.

When deciding on what branding elements to include on a screen design, use the following brand hierarchy

  1. Exactech logo
  2. Technology logo
  3. If space, include the Active Intelligence logo.

For app icons, include only the recognizable icon for the technology and in the app description include the exactech name.


Chime App Screen


Chime App Store Graphics


ExactechGPS Home Screen

All logos are available on the ExactechDAM.

Color pallete

Primary colors

Electric Blue

PMS 2727
RGB 43/125/225

Dark Blue

CMYK 100/85/39/31
RGB 27/50/85
HEX 1B3255

Rick Black

CMYK 30\20\10\100
RGB 6\6\6
HEX 000000


Neon  Teal

CMYK 28\52\0\0
RGB 204\139\248


CMYK 59/86/0/0
RGB 148/0/211
HEX 9400D3

Dark Teal

CMYK 71/0/35/0
RGB 6/191/183
HEX 06bfb7

Neutral colors

Dark Gray

PMS 431
RGB 50/61/71
HEX 555555

Medium Gray

PMS 143
CMYK 2/32/92/0
RGB 153/153/153
HEX 999999

Light Gray

PMS 428
CMYK 23/17/17/0
RGB 232/232/232
HEX e8e8e8


CMYK 0/0/0/0
RGB 255/255/25
HEX ffffff


Active Intelligence Type


The style for Active Intelligence infographics is still in development. These are inspiration images to guide us until we have samples of our own. Art direction for these graphics is to use thin, more scientific lines and icon style. When possible use “glows” and transparency and 3d angles as if the graphics are coming off the screen. Infographics may utilize the entire Active Intelligence color palette.
Active Intelligence Infographic Style
Active Intelligence Infographic Style


Below are samples of collateral. Retain current corporate collateral templates while adding Active Intelligence graphical elements and logos. Main and campaign brochures take on Active Intelligence branding and don’t need to follow any existing template. Just stay within the Active Intelligence brand standards.
Active Intelligence Collateral Sample
Active Intelligence Collateral Sample

Collateral templates are available on the ExactechDAM.


Active Intelligence campaign pages deviate from traditional product pages in that they use dark backgrounds and reverse type. Sections within a product page that talk about Active Intelligence also carry the branding of dark backgrounds and reverse type. The AI branding should be modified as needed to accommodate the parameters of web design. Colors should be adjusted to best present on screen.

Video and animation

Logo Animation

Please use the Active Intelligence logo animation at the beginning of Active Intelligence videos or Animations. This animation can be found on the Exactech DAM. Please place the Exactech logo at the end.