Novation Crown Cup

Sizing scheme that allows the largest head possible while maximizing polyethylene thickness.

Novation Crown Cup

The Novation® Crown Cup® is a titanium hemispherical design that utilizes XLE polyethylene liners, which minimize wear debris over standard polyethylene.

With a goal of creating a more stable hip replacement in mind, the Novation Crown Cup uses a sizing scheme that allows the largest head possible while maximizing polyethylene thickness.

Exactech Hip Primary Acetabular Novation Crown Cup with 3-holes
Exactech Hip Primary Acetabular Novation Crown Cup Constrained Liner

Features and Benefits


  • Three-facet locking mechanism
    • Anti-rotational tabs secure the liner firmly, providing enhanced stability
    • Full congruency between the shell and liner inhibits micromotion and maintains liner integrity under load and stress
    • Locking mechanism resists transverse and tipping forces and minimizes micromotion by providing a secure point of stabilization


  • Wide range of acetabular options enable patient-anatomy matching, initial stability to promote biologic fixation, and restoration of kinematics.


  • Unique, non-threaded mechanism for easy on/off attachment to acetabular shell

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