Infection to Correction

We’ve Got
You Covered

Infection to Correction

We’ve Got You Covered

Exactech’s latest products are designed to deliver ease of use for surgeons. Continuing our goal to provide infection-related solutions, Exactech’s newest innovations and existing bone and joint restoration products are designed to help surgeons help their patients.

InterSpace® Knee ATS Spacer

With the same technology and proven science,1 we now offer a uniquely designed augmented tibial stem (ATS) that complements our existing knee spacer. This new component comes in multiple size and thickness options to best fit patient anatomy without sacrificing the stem length.

InterSpace® Knee ATS Spacer

*7mm and 12mm thickness options

InterSep® Calcium Sulfate

Continuing our goal to provide infection-related solutions, Exactech introduces InterSep – a 100% synthetic calcium sulfate bone void filler engineered to fully resorb and replace bone during the healing process.

InterSep may be used in an infected bone site and provides surgeon flexibility with its bead and paste options.

Trust the Science.

InterSpace®, the most widely studied antibiotic spacer technology in the world, was designed to provide patients with a higher quality of life and surgeons with a greater sense of control during their attempted treatments of PJI. These preformed spacers are designed to assist surgeons with joint sepsis by administering a consistent local antibiotic release and offer patient mobility through a solution that is efficient and convenient.1-8

High Release Matrix

Proven high release formulation and design yields predictable and consistent local antimicrobial activity compared to other treatment options1,7,8

Gentamicin Spectrum of Coverage

Demonstrates functional success rates equivalent
to non-infected revisions9
Eradication rate at latest follow-up10

From Primary to Revision – Comprehensive and Versatile

Exactech exists to improve the quality of life for individuals by maintaining their activity and independence. We do this by manufacturing innovative orthopaedic implants and surgical instruments for hip, knee and shoulder replacement as well as biologic materials and bone cement systems.

When cases call for revisions, we are here from primary to revision and infection to correction.

Exactech Equinoxe Shoulder Reverse System

Equinoxe® Shoulder Reverse System

Intraoperative flexibility, glenoid solutions and biomechanics that were right from the start.Read More »
ExactechGPS Guided Personalized Surgery, computer-assisted navigation

ExactechGPS® Guided Personalized Surgery

Offering a breakthrough approach to computer-assisted surgery.Read More »
Exactech Alteon Monobloc Revision Femoral Hip Stem

Alteon® Monobloc Revision Femoral Stem

A press-fit, distally fixed, one-piece tapered, splined titanium stem.Read More »
Exactech Truliant Revision Knee System

Truliant® Revision Knee System

Designed for a reproducible and efficient user experience.Read More »
Exactech AcuDriver Automated Osteotome System

AcuDriver® Automated Osteotome System

Increase surgical efficiency with
improved control.1Read More »
Exactech Biologics Products

Exactech Biologics

Biomaterial designed to shape the future of bone and tissue repair.Read More »

And it doesn’t stop there. Contact Exactech to learn more about our full product scope.


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*Partial weight bearing must be assessed on an individual basis with relation to the anatomic condition of the local bone, bone quality and clinical conditions of the patient during rehabilitation stages. Care must be taken to minimize the risk of damaging bone tissue and the implant through excessive weight bearing or forced mobilization