Exactech Presents New Shoulder Research Studies at Global Conference

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (Sept. 14, 2023) – Exactech, a developer and producer of innovative implants, instrumentation, and smart technologies for joint replacement surgery, presented 21 new scientific and clinical studies on the company’s Equinoxe® shoulder at the 2023 International Congress on Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (ICSES) annual meeting Sept. 5-8 in Rome.

The podium presentations and posters were by a variety of authors and covered multiple scientific topics, from patient reported outcomes after anatomic and reverse shoulder surgery to risk factors for complications; glenoid placement using computer preoperative planning software to reverse prosthesis implantation with navigation; and outcomes for resurfacing vs. stemless humeral components – all important current issues in shoulder arthroplasty.

One of the podium presentations, Clinical Outcomes Based on Final Baseplate Version in Reverse Total Should Arthroplasty, evaluated clinical outcomes of reverse shoulder patients with baseplates in varying degrees of deformity.

...These impactful results inform surgeons about what is really important related to implant placement with preoperative planning...
Richard Friedman, MD, FRSCMedical University of South Carolina

“Our research determined that placing the reverse glenoid baseplate in 0° to 5° of retroversion had the same clinical and radiographic outcomes as patients who had their baseplates placed in 6° to 15° of retroversion,” said Richard Friedman, MD, FRSC (Medical University of South Carolina). “These impactful results inform surgeons about what is really important related to implant placement with preoperative planning – specifically, that surgeons do not need to aim for 0° of retroversion, and if you are less than 15° of retroversion, you can expect equivalent outcomes.”

Additionally, the research demonstrated that when preoperative planning and intraoperative computer navigation were used to perform shoulder arthroplasty, 97% of patients had their implants positioned in less than 10° of retroversion, emphasizing the importance of accurate and precise surgical execution when performing shoulder arthroplasty.

Another podium presentation, Correlation of Risk Factors with Odds of Instability after Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty, evaluated the impact of multiple risk factors on the incidence rate of instability after reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

“This multi-center study of more than 10,000 patients demonstrated that instability with the Equinoxe was rare, occurring in only 1.4% of patients,” said Moby Parsons, MD, (King and Parsons Orthopedic Center). “However, patients with multiple risk factors had a greater instability rate, and our study identified that male patients, younger patients, heavier patients, and patients with bigger diameter and thicker/more offset glenospheres, were more likely to have instability.”

Parsons added, “We were also able to identify patients who had the lowest risk for instability after reverse shoulder arthroplasty: female patients, older patients, patients with osetoarthritis, patients who have not previously had shoulder surgery, and patients who had their rotator cuff repaired at the time of the procedure. This information is useful for preoperative counseling of patients to help them understand the potential risks of the procedure and can also help surgeons consider alternative strategies to mitigate the occurrence of this rare complication.”

“Exactech continues to lead the industry in shoulder arthroplasty research, and it is a great honor for so much of Exactech’s sponsored multi-center research to be featured at this global conference,” said Chris Roche, Exactech’s Senior Vice President of Extremities. “Data drives everything we do at Exactech, and these 21 new clinical research studies contribute meaningful, and generalizable, new findings that are helpful to shoulder surgeons worldwide as they treat their patients using shoulder arthroplasty.”

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