Active Intelligence

Connecting Surgeons and Patients with Smart Decisions throughout the Journey of Care

Active Intelligence

Connecting Surgeons and Patients with Smart Decisions throughout the Journey of Care


Every surgeon learns from every experience.

Imagine harnessing the collective intelligence of countless surgeons and outcomes to guide your decisions.

Defining a new level of partnership in patient care with  Active Intelligence.

A powerful platform of technologies that helps you engage with patients and peers, solve challenges with predictive tools and optimize the way you perform.

Digital communication tools streamline the way you connect with your patients and collaborate with peers on your surgical challenges.


Patient Text Messaging Service

Chime app Surgeon Clinical Exchange Application


Mobile Application for Surgeon Clinical Exchange

Software and planning applications help apply the power of machine learning to visualize individual patient outcomes for each implant type and map your surgical plan.


Clinical Decision Support Tool

Exactech Predict Plus Data-driven, clinical decision support tool that uses machine learning.
Equinoxe Shoulder Planning App

Shoulder Planning Application

Shoulder Preoperative Planning

Knee Planning Application

Knee Preoperative Planning

ExactechGPS Knee Planning Application Customize a plan that supports your preferred workflow.

Personalized technologies and efficient, no capital cost navigation for improved accuracy and outcomes.

ExactechGPS Shoulder Planning Application

ExactechGPS® Shoulder

Shoulder Navigation


Wireless Humeral Load Sensor

ExactechGPS Knee Applications for knee replacement surgery


GPS for Knee Replacement


Soft Tissue Balancing Technology

Newton Dynamic Knee Soft Tissue Management Technology
Vantage Ankle PSI

Vantage® Ankle PSI

Patient-Specific Surgical Planning and 3D Printed Instruments

Practical, evidence-based, cost-effective solutions for you and your patients.

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Data on file at Exactech. In vitro (bench) test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance. Not all devices shown are available in every market. Some images may be representational graphics for illustration purposes. ExactechGPS® is manufactured by Blue Ortho and distributed by Exactech, Inc. Vantage® Ankle PSI is manufactured by 3D Systems Inc and distributed only in the U.S. by Exactech, Inc. VERASENSETM is manufactured by OrthoSensor and distributed by Exactech, Inc.