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Exactech AI is a dynamic ecosystem of enabling technologies and smart solutions that empowers surgeons with data-rich, low-cost solutions to help improve patient outcomes.

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Personalize your surgical protocols to align with your needs.

Exactech Active Intelligence Prediction Snippet


Leverage predictive analytics and patient data informed by thousands of cases.

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Experience our wide range of transformative surgical technologies.

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Collaborate with your peers and stay connected with your patients.

Exactech Shoulder Equinoxe Planning App

Equinoxe Planning App

Link pre-op plans to real-time intra-op instrument guidance and confirm implant placement.

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Exactech Active Intelligence Newton Knee Planning

Newton Knee Planning

Full-range personalized planning for ligament-driven balancing.

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Exactech Active Intelligence Predict+


Leverage predictive analytics and patient data from thousands of cases to predict success.

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Exactech Active Intelligence Shoulder GPS

GPS Shoulder

See into the shoulder with real-time navigation.

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VERASENSE Wireless Humeral Load Sensor


Wireless humeral load sensor for assisted total shoulder arthroplasty.

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Exactech Active Intelligence Newton Knee

Newton Knee Balancing

Pre-resection operative insights and soft tissue analytics to help simplify, evaluate and execute balanced results.

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Exactech Active Intelligence Vantage Ankle PSI

Ankle PSI

Connects the preoperative plan with real-time intraoperative instrument guidance and verifies implant placement.

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Exactech Chime Surgeon Clinical App


Get and share expertise with shoulder, hip, knee and ankle surgeons worldwide.

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