Donation & Sponsorship Request

Thank you for your interest in Exactech and for allowing us the opportunity to give back to those we serve.

A few notes regarding our charitable giving:

  • Requests should be submitted no less than six weeks prior to the date that funding is needed.
  • Requests should come from the organization directly and not from a healthcare professional or surgeon requesting funding on behalf of the not-for-profit.
  • Due to the number of requests received, we may have to decline opportunities to support very deserving organizations. Our declination is not a reflection of your organization or our willingness to support future initiatives.

Our cross-functional Corporate Giving Team will carefully evaluate each and every application to identify opportunities that are most in line with our values and general giving strategy. Through our giving, we aim to:

  • Make a significant impact and meet a real need
  • Encourage and maintain employee involvement
  • Generate employee pride
  • Enhance our brand identity
  • Be cost-and time-effective

Furthermore, we aim to support organizations who align with our mission and focus on:

  • Mobility & wellness
  • Youth & education
  • Values-driven leadership