Note: Accelerate® Concentrating System and Accelerate PRP Sport® have not been evaluated by the FDA for specific therapeutic indications. Accelerate® Concentrating System and Accelerate PRP Sport® are not approved for sale in Canada and are available by special access only.


Accelerate PRP

Accelerate® is a platelet concentrating system that offers high platelet yields through gentle centrifugal action which preserves the fragile buffycoat layer. Platelet Rich and Platelet Poor Plasma are piped directly into the sterile field. Its closed system requires only two sterile barrier entries, minimizing the risk of transfer contamination.

This easy-to-use system provides a fast and convenient method for processing PRP in the operating room from a small amount of patient’s blood.

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Accelerate® Platelet Concentrating System is manufactured by EmCyte Corporation and distributed by Exactech, Inc.

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