Our corporate typeface: Univers

We’ve chosen a classic type family that is versatile and distinctive without being obtrusive: Univers. Univers is our primary typeface used in all types of communications. Use the following type styles and weights as a general guide to create a clear hierarchy of information.
Exactech Brand Type

Preferred casing

Sentence case (upper/lowercase styling) is preferred for headlines and body copy. Subheadings, labels or navigation in the case of digital communications, may be set in all caps. Limited use of all caps is preferred. If your computer does not have Univers, please use Arial/Helvetica/San Serif for internal presentations and email communications.

Typeface usage guidelines

  • Use a combination of upper and lowercase (sentence case), except in the case of subheadings, labels or navigation in digital communications.
  • Use only approved colors.
  • Use only approved Exactech typefaces.
  • Align text in body copy flush left and ragged right except for in operative techniques, which are justified.
  • Substitute Arial/Helvetica/San Serif for Univers for corporate communications and presentations where Univers is not available.