Our imagery

Our imagery plays an important role in our visual system. We treat our product photography like works of art by creating depth and texture through dramatic lighting. Our operative technique illustrations are sophisticated with bone and soft tissue represented realistically with variation in tones and sensitivity to bone texture and accuracy.

Product glamour shots

Sample Product Glamour Shot

Product technical illustrations

Shoot product on a white background and clip around product to create transparency when placing on a colored background.

Be sure to remove etchings and markings from product in post-production. Markings that are relevant to the function of the product should remain (Example: measurement guides on an instrument).

Exactech Brand Standards Technical Photo

Operative technique illustrations

Use a natural bone texture and realistic soft tissue when illustrating the steps of an operative technique. 3-D renderings of product and instruments may be used in combination with the illustrative style of the bone and soft tissue.
Exactech Brand Standards Medical Illustration