Equinoxe® Reverse Shoulder System

Equinoxe® Reverse Shoulder System

Anatomical. Redefined.

The reverse shoulder is an optimized design that addresses scapular notching while maintaining the center of rotation on or close to the face of the glenoid. The reverse seamlessly integrates with the primary stem as well.

Watch an animated surgical technique for our Equinoxe® Reverse Shoulder here.


 Equinoxe Reverse Shoulder System 


  1. Bone cage improves glenoid fixation and allows bone "through-growth" using inductive/conductive bone grafts
  2. Inferiorly shifted glenoid plate allows fixation to occur in the center of the glenoid while also ensuring inferior glenosphere overhang, thereby, eliminating/minimizing scapular notching
  3. Chamfered glenosphere aids in glenosphere insertion and protects any remaining intact soft tissues
  4. Extended glenosphere articular surface improves range of motion and maximizes glenosphere inferior overhang to minimize the potential for scapular notching
  5. Multiple humeral liner (standard and constrained), adapter tray and glenosphere options provide intra-operative flexibility
  6. Anti-rotation features on humeral liners improve implant connection and stability
  7. Platform humeral stem facilitates a revision of a primary Equinoxe® humeral stem to a reverse.
    Locking caps lock compression screws to the glenoid plate at a variable angle (not pictured)
  8. Curved back glenosphere/glenoid plate conserves bone and converts shear forces to compressive forces
  9. Variable angle compression screws compress the glenoid plate to the bone while providing 30 degrees of angular variability (Note: the central cage of the glenoid plate limits the angular variability to 20 degrees for converging anterior, posterior and superior screws)
  10. Anatomical-shaped glenoid plate provides multiple options for screw insertion, which is particularly important when revising a pegged and/or keeled glenoid to a reverse

    Torque defining screw locks the humeral adapter tray at 11 N*m (not pictured)

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