Fx Plate

Strong support where you need it.

The Equinoxe Fx Plate is redefining anatomic fracture reconstruction. The locking plate provides multiple configurations of blades and screws to address a myriad of classifications of proximal humerus fractures. The contoured design allows suture placement and void filler deployment after the plate is secured.

Watch a 3D animation of the technique. Download video here.


Equinoxe Fx Plate

   Anatomic. Redefined.

The contoured plate is asymmetric to align with the bicipital groove and greater tuberosity, and tapered distally to respect the deltoid insertion. The suture holes are anatomically oriented allowing surgeons to pass the suture after the plate is secured to the bone.

Minimize Humeral Head Collapse

Unique modular blades can be inserted to further buttress the reconstruction while locking screws diverge to support the humeral head. The large central hole allows for either a 6.5mm locking screw or deployment of bone-void filler after the plate is secured.


Multiple screw/blade configurations enable a surgeon to treat a spectrum of proximal humeral fractures. Robust instrumentation options are included to address a wide array of surgical technique preferences.

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