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Tested. Stable. Strong.



  • Pore size, count and porosity designed to allow biological fixation1,2 while maintaining strength.3
    • Porosity: 45-57%
    • Pore Size 130-390um


  • Offers equal amount of press-fit across the acetabulum as compared to elliptical cups4
    • Elliptical cups have been shown to have higher potential for intraoperative complications such as fracture.
  • High coefficient of friction combined with geometry create a predictable friction fit in the acetabulum
    • Result enables initial mechanical stability, which ultimately leads to biologic fixation.


  • Electron Beam Melting (EBM) integrates a porous and solid substrate versus a porous coating sintered to a solid surface.
  • Integrated material: High shear/tensile strength3


This video shows the manufacturing process for InteGrip

The animation illustrates vascularization of the porous material

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*Animal studies are not necessarily predictive of clinical outcomes.
**Laboratory tests are not necessarily predictive of clinical outcomes.