BIOLOX®delta and BIOLOX® OPTION Ceramic Femoral Heads

BIOLOX®delta and BIOLOX®OPTION Ceramic Femoral Heads

The next generation of ceramics is now available for articulation with Connexion GXL®, our low wear, fracture tough polyethylene.1-4 This material also provides a new ‘option’ for using a ceramic femoral head in a revision scenario with the BIOLOX®OPTION.


 Novation Biolox Delta

Science behind the Material

BIOLOX®delta is an aluminum oxide matrix consisting of approximately 80% alumina, 17% zirconia and 3% strontium oxide. Zirconia was added to increase the material strength and prevent the initiation and propagation of cracks. An additional toughening mechanism is created with the addition of strontium oxide, which forms a platelet type crystal to dissipate energy by deflecting cracks. 

BIOLOX®delta is available in the following sizes:

Head Length Options
Diameter  -3.5   0   +3.5  +7 



*Please note the 28mm head doesn’t have a +7mm head length. If a +7mm head length is desired, please use the BIOLOX®OPTION below.


The need for a low-wear ceramic bearing in revision arthroplasty was not available in the past. The OPTION is comprised of two components:

  • BIOLOX®delta ceramic femoral head
  • Adapter sleeve

The titanium adapters have an internal 12/14 taper that mates with the femoral stem while the OPTION heads have a taper designed to mate with the adapters. The adapters and heads are available in the following sizes:

 Option Adapters
Head Length(mm) -3.5 +0 +3.5 +7


 Option Heads
Diameter(mm) 28 32 36


The adapter can accommodate the small damaged areas (less than .25mm high) that could be present on an existing stem allowing the optimum interface between a metal taper and ceramic head. The tapers of an existing stem must be inspected by the surgeon before a decision is made to use the  BIOLOX®OPTION. If the defects exceed the .25mm height, the surgeon should not use this implant construct. Review BIOLOX®OPTION operative technique for complete details (711-12-31).


BIOLOX® is a registered trademark of CeramTec.

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