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Patients, surgeons and O.R. staff all depend on the same thing during surgery—TRUST. Why trust a bone cement that introduces 30 percent more toxic monomer when a safer1, clinically proven option is available? Cemex® was created with safety in mind—your safety, your staff’s safety, your patient’s safety. That’s the Cemex advantage and why other bone cements can’t compete.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Bone cement was introduced to the orthopaedic industry in the 1950s via Sir John Charnley’s book “Low Friction Arthroplasty of the Hip.” His explanation of the benefits of using PMMA to cement prostheses resulted in bone cement becoming a staple in the orthopaedic market.

Embracing Charnley’s inventive and innovative ideas, an Italian company named Tecres® S.p.A. developed Cemex, bone cement with revolutionary 3:1 powder and liquid mixing proportions. Years later, Tecres was the first to introduce a completely enclosed and odorless cement system with pre-dosed liquid and powder components.

Just as Exactech is committed to the research and development of superior bone and joint restoration products, Tecres continues to focus on innovation and excellence in its bone cement products. Exactech is pleased to partner with Tecres by offering Cemex in conjunction with our bone and joint products—the ultimate combination for making it “A Great Day in the O.R.”



1. Neotron Laboratory, Gatti G., Modena, Italy. 1989.

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