How Long Will It Last?

Patients Shoulder Golfing

The Equinoxe is designed to withstand long-term wear and tear from normal everyday activity. Only the highest quality materials are used to provide you the longest potential use of the implant.

The Equinoxe system is unique in that it features a platform stem that allows the surgeon to do either a primary shoulder replacement or a reverse with the same humeral stem. This design also conserves more of your bone because it does not require the surgeon to remove the original stem in the rare case a revision surgery becomes necessary.

The Equinoxe reverse is the only system that offers your surgeon an anatomic-shaped baseplate with six screw holes. This gives the surgeon multiple options to achieve solid bone fixation. Additionally, the bone cage can be filled with some of your own bone to promote bone growth, giving you and the surgeon the confidence of a secure long-term fit.

The Right Choice for You

Your surgeon will consider a wide variety of variables when selecting the shoulder implant that’s right for you. Your age, height, weight, lifestyle and your general health are among the most important factors. The Equinoxe Shoulder System is designed to accommodate these and other variations in anatomy to provide you with the best possible outcome.